Anyone have any Raw Milk Recipies?


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I just started in a herd share program!
Now, Anyone have any recipies that I can make with it? Butter, Sour cream, Ice cream? or know where I should look to find recipies?
Ice cream
1 quart of raw milk
3 egg yolks
1/2 cup of honey
1/2 tsp of vanilla

Lightly whip cream in a food mixer/bread mixer ( I use my Bosch) making sure you do not make butter.
Add the rest of the ingrediants and blend well.
Pour into a flat dish with a cover and freeze.
No need to churn.
Add cocao and extra honey for chocolate.
Any flavor can be obtained.

Put your cream into a mixer, and cover.
Process till the buttermilk seperates.
Pour off buttermilk, into a bowl, and leave it on the counter overnight till it thickens.
Place butter on a cutting board, and using a wooden spoon and cool running water, wash the butter.
Salt to taste with sea salt, pressing all the water out.

Eggnog per my mothers blog.

FInd someone that can get you kefir grains.
Place 1 tbls of grains per 2 cups of milk into a quart jar.
Cover, and leave on counter for 24 hours.
Using a fine strainer, seperate the grains.
Place grains back into jar and add more milk.
Kefir may be drunk straight, made into smoothies, or you can strain off the whey to make kefir cheese.

Clabber cheese.
Leave milk on the counter, covered, until it seperates.
Using a cloth, allow the whey to drain off, till you have the consistancy you want.

The raw whey from the kefir and the cheese, may be used to lacto ferment veges, such as saurkraut.

You can get cultures for making room tempature yogurt as well, from

Get a copy of Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon as well.
I make homemade Yogurt (without any additives like powdered milk, I just let the whey drain to become thicker like store bought yogurt
). The recipe is here: I add a cup in my Magic Bullet blender with fresh or frozen fruit & I have a nice healthy smoothie. I've let the yogurt drain longer to become thicker like cream cheese & used it in place of cream cheese in my cheesecake recipe & it turns out Great! (Hubby says he likes how it has a smoother texture than typical cream cheese --& he's picky so that says alot.
Have fun with your healthy new cooking ingredient.
Hope this helps
I would give anything to find a source for raw cow's milk! I've recently found a source for goat's milk through But am still looking for the cow's milk.

We have plenty of room for a milk cow - and I grew up milking cows on a dairy farm. BUT, we've avoided adding a milk cow to our beef herd because we would have no one to milk when we're away. We have a reliable neighbor who feeds when we're gone, but I can't ask him to milk a cow. LOL
Get CULTURED buttermilk at the store. Take raw milk, heat to 75 degrees. Pour it into a mason jar. Add a small amount of cool cultured buttermilk. Let it sit 12-24 hours at room temp. Should smell tangy and slightly sour. Also should be thick or viscous. Put in fridge.

Always save a bit from each batch to start the next one.

Makes great pancakes and biscuits.

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