Anyone have experience converting an old goat shelter for birdies?

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    Aug 23, 2014
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    After about a year or so of homesteading, we are doing a one two three shift of enclosure set up on our property. The previous owners set up just doesn't work for what we want. We already have 20 birds, and I am going to be getting about 20 or so more chicks here soon and so we are looking to convert a goat shelter. I want to make sure I make a house suitable for that many birds.
    It is a basic 12ft by 5ft slopped roof frame. The frame is good and sturdy, they used weather resistant wood for the frame. the rest is rotted and in poor shape and I am gonna tear it off and looking to use the frame and mostly re purposed pallet wood whenever possible.
    Do I make the roost the full length of the house, or make several rungs at one end going width wise? We will be fencing a good section around the enclosure for lots of breathing room during the day.
    Really just throwing Ideas out to see if anyone else has done this. I start gathering supplies today to hopefully have the thing ready to go once spring truly gets her butt going.
    I will get photos as soon as I can for reference because I know its hard to help without the visual aid.
    I wouldn't want the help of anyone else but you awesome birdy know it alls!

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