Anyone Have Mandarin Or White Call Duck Hatching Eggs Available


Ozark Bantams
12 Years
Apr 11, 2007
Southeast Missouri
Does anyone have any mandarin or white call duck hatching eggs available for sell or trade (preferably trade). If so, please let me know. I'd be very interested in obtaining some mandarin or call duck eggs in exchange for some black cochin bantam eggs. You can see my photos of my flock here . If interested, respond here or PM me.

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I probably wouldnt try and get eggs of either breed...they are both really difficult to hatch. You might find a few ducklings in the spring, but you are most likely to find pairs right now...there are a lot of mandarins on
I hatched some call duck eggs last month... well, one of my hens did. ;-)

They werent difficult to hatch at all. I placed them under a broody cochin hen, and they hatched 26 days later.

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