Anyone Have Mandarin, Wood, Or Call Duck Hatching Eggs Available


Ozark Bantams
12 Years
Apr 11, 2007
Southeast Missouri
Does anyone have any mandarin, wood, or white call duck hatching eggs available for trade. If so, please let me know. I'd be very interested in obtaining some mandarin, wood, or white call duck eggs in exchange for some black cochin bantam eggs. Willing to buy outright as well. You can see my photos of my flock here . If interested, respond here or PM me.

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I was fortunate enough to find a breeder in Tennessee who sold me some white call duck eggs. I was able to purchase 6 call duck eggs from her. They were shipped today priority mail. I'm super excited. However I'd like some mandarin and/or wood duck eggs, as well as some more calls. If I'm going to set a clutch of duck eggs, I want to have a good selection and hatch.
Unless your very lucky you wont find much in the way of wood duck or mandarin eggs now, the breeding season is over and most peoples birds are molting, including mine.
Thanks for the information. Maybe I will get lucky in my search. I'd be interested adult birds as well.
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I set six call duck eggs under a broody bantam hen this morning. Still looking for mandarin or wood duck eggs... or birds if available.

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