Anyone have pictures of an arbor type run?

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    I'm redoing my run this weekend and want to add an arbor type of run on half of it. I have a long about 40' run that is 8' at the widest. It runs along a privacy fence of ours and is not covered because of how it is situated. I thankfully have never had any problems with predators other than a stray dog that actually jumped the privacy fence from behind our fence. But we do have annoying neighborhood kids who climb our fence and have been caught spitting and throwing things at my chickens from time to time. Going to the parents does nothing. I thought building an arbor type over the half where my neighbors house is would help and I plan to grow (which I have waiting to be planted) honeysuckle vines over top to cool and conceal it. I would need to attach a board to my privacy fence in thinking to pull this off. Any try this or even better have pictures of anything like this? Thanks
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    Can you post a pic of the area?

    Growing vines on a wire run can eventually tear/collapse the run unless it is very strong.

    Maybe just run some trellising up and taller than the privacy fence and grow something on that to deter the kids?
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    [​IMG]Here is a picture of the new run we constructed Saturday. From the right of the pine tree is where I would like to make an arbor and cover it with honeysuckle or climatis although honeysuckle will grow much faster and I have two already. [​IMG][​IMG][/IMG][/IMG]
    Excuse the mess we only just redid this yesterday and we're still hammering wire when it was too dark to see. My ducks will be housed under the arbor area of the run, that's the duck house in building that's covered in plastic, I'm not done yet. [​IMG] I was also thinking shade cloth on that end. I can't completely enclose my run but it's been like that for 10 years without an issue and I hope it stays that way. I am able to lock up my girls although I don't.
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