Anyone Have the Churchill Coop by Brinsea?

For that price I would not buy that, you could make something similar and better for a fraction of the cost even if you have no carpentry skills and had to buy tools including a tablesaw
start researching how to build a wood box etc. and you will figure out its not so complicated
You could just start with a nice sized dog house, some (like the one for my dog) have a roof that lifts up. Then you could construct a run with chicken wire and poles and even cover the top with netting to keep them in. Good luck.
Hello. I am also considering purchasing this coop. I have been unable to find a single review, which of course makes me leery. The price tag is steep too of course. Did you end up purchasing it and if so, what are your thoughts? I have also looked into the other resin/plastic coop by Omlet because I have seen them first hand and my friends who own them, really love them. However, they are not as attractive in my eyes.

Our previous coop was constructed from a plastic dog house. Although it did work out ok and was absolutely cleanable, I just don't feel up to the task again. Not to mention that it was partially wood and over time it would have had to be replaced.

It appears that I may have received this coop as a Christmas Gift!!! So excited. It was the only thing I asked for and because of the odd triangular shape/size beside the tree, it must be! :) I will let you know what I think in a few weeks. We won't be able to get chicks until then.
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Well, any updates on whether you got the Brinsea coop or not? I have a large snap lock plastic coop & I love it and my 6 girls I got as 3 mos olds love it & use the roost bars. But...the full size Brahma & her small shadow Silkie that I adopted as a pair from a family are sleeping on the floor under the roosts so I think the Brahma doesn't feel comfortable trying to get up to the bars the way they are in that coop. I have 8 chicks in the house as well so was looking at what my second coop would be and came across the Brinsea Churchill tonight & am intrigued by it. Those who want us to build with wood, it's not the price tag necessarily but that wood has to be treated every year to keep it up & it's not as easy to clean as plastic. As far as ventilation, it just started getting into high 80's so I checked out the coop midday sitting in the sun & yeah, it needs to be moved to all day shade. It has good ventilation but it is plastic. My plastic dog houses are in shade all day & they stay awesomely cool so I will be moving my coop this week (which, btw, is super easy to do because it is lightweight, portable plastic!) I like that the plastic coops stay warm in the winter as well. I know the wood ones are beautiful & cheaper but with my lifestyle I know I would never be faithful to retreat it each year with stain & I like to be able to hose things down in an area other than where the coop lives.

So if anyone has either of the Brinsea coops, could you chime in as to functunality. Thanks!
Hello -

I bought the smaller Brinsea Coop and Run - the "Winscombe" because I'm new to chickens, have only three birds, and I'm not very handy. I got mine on sale on Wayfair. It was very easy to put together, made of quality stuff, and is very easy to clean. The plastic doesn't really feel like plastic, its textured and pretty thick yet pliable. I hose mine out daily while the girls free-range my yard and it takes about 20 minutes to clean and dry. The "Churchill" is pretty expensive, but does have the added benefit of having two of the roosts higher than the nesting boxes. So far, my ladies sometimes roost where the nesting box will go, so I'm thinking of making a denim (thicker fringe style) curtain to hang on a bar that is inside to create a visual barrier between the roosts and the nest box (they're only 11-weeks now).

The ladies love the coop and it is simple to "unzip" the top to do the cleaning, however the egg-door isn't as easy to open as I'd like (can still get to eggs by "unzipping" the top). It has been bug-free since I got it. It has a sliding door to lock them in at night and is predator-proof (linchpins secure all openings, including drop-pan). The cage bars for the run have a wider opening then hardware cloth does, so I keep them locked in at night. There is no way to put food or water inside the coop, as far as I can tell.

I like the fact that is is very easy to clean because I am new to chickens and I may be a bit obsessive about cleanliness. I'd recommend it for the less-handy among you.
Additionally - The textured plastic does not look like it will get hot in the summer (again doesn't feel like plastic, maybe more like a rubber) - but I'm in San Diego, and it hasn't gotten hot here yet. I bought them a reflective, breathable dog kennel tarp, just in case and I also have them set up under a tree.
I bought the Churchill & it took my son who is handy forever to put it together & he complained about how *stupid* it was. It is too small for what it is rated & I think it would only be good for 4 full size hens. I also bought the snap lock large plastic chicken coop & like it way better as far as roominess & cleaning & ease of assembly (20 mins for the 2 of us). Our snap lock has 10 full size hens in it & easily will fit a couple more. Both should be located in the shade. The plastic on the snap lock is different than the churchill, more like a Little Tykes house plastic. They are both portable which I like. I think someone who has the $$$ to spend who wants something decorative for 3 hens can get the Brinsea Churchill but for the same price (actually the snap lock is 639 on ebay for a new large one) the snap lock chicken coop is a better value & more practical & roomier. I did have to adjust one bar to lowest level as my big old brahma couldn't get up on the bars so the Brinsea is more set up for chickens who can't get any lift up to a roosting bar as they basically walk up the ramp & the bars are at their level. I have more on this but not time right now but I wanted to add some comments to this thread in case anyone else was shopping & came across our posts. One more thought, our Costco is selling a huge Lifetime plastic shed for the same price that I think would be great for someone who can build in some roosts & laying boxes & is more practical if you have room in the yard, want to use it for a lot of chickens & don't intend to move it but want plastic instead of wood.

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