Anyone in OK wanna swap eggs?


12 Years
Sep 23, 2007
East of Lexington, Oklahoma
I have a large variety and they all run together, so who knows what you will get. I am new at this but I am very interested in some new breeds. I would love to have some silkies, but I am open to anything I don't have!

This is what I have:
Roos...2 Black Cochins, 1 Buff Brahma, 1 Rhode Island Red and one we think is a Barred Rock?

The Girlz...Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Reds, Black Cochins, Barred Rocks, Production Reds and one Brown Leg Horn.

I am only guessing on the BR and PR. My Grampa thought they were Domineckers when I showed him the pics of the black and whites but someone else told me they were Barred Rocks and that our reds the shade in between the RIR and BO are PRs.

So I am only going by what I have been told. If you are interested I can send pics of them. Since they are all together it would be a grab bag assortment, but they all are standards but one little bantam cochin hen. I can usually tell her eggs. LOL So I could sort hers out if not wanted.

I have a VERY broody hen so I would love to let her get surprised with some very different looking babies. I easily get over a dozen eggs a day so I can swap as many or as little as you want.

Hope someone wants to play!

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