anyone in western WA with an incubator?


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Jan 21, 2010
I have fertile eggs, and would like some chicks. I have been looking at incubators but it's just not in our budget to get one this year. Anybody have an incubator that they would like to share? I could provide the eggs and you could keep half of the hatchlings?

If not, does anyone have an incubator that they would be willing to sell for not too much?

Or does anyone have a good homemade incubator plan that they have found effective?
Where are you? I'm betting kinda far from me, but I do have a very nice incubator I'm willing to hatch someone else's eggs with.

And if not that, I also have another I could give away. It is on the cheap side and I'm done with it - I've had some hatch problems with it, but who knows. . . Maybe it was just bad timing.
I'm in Gig Harbor. It's pretty far, but maybe I'd be willing to take a day trip? Do you ever go to Sequim? I'd also be willing to try your old one - even if I only get a couple, that's better than none, and I have lots of extra eggs that are all fertilized.

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