Anyone in WI want to split an order????

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    Apr 22, 2007
    I'm in Loyal (18 miles NW of Marshfield) and wondering if anyone would want to split an order of chicks with me - I only want 10 max. I forgot to order some EE's and I really, really want some now! Almost everywhere is sold out until June (eek!!) but Abendroths in WI has straight run EEs for $1.60 and can ship anytime. I was going to order some meaties from them now too, but think I'll wait until late summer for those as the weather has been so crappy and I'm not keeping those beasts in the house!

    They also have other breeds like BR, BO, sex links, etc. but almost all are sold Straight Run.

    If you're interested, please give me a call or email

    [email protected]

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