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anyone into stained glass?

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by kareninthesun, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. kareninthesun

    kareninthesun Songster

    Jul 1, 2011
    I love working with glass, anyone else?

  2. vclark321

    vclark321 Chirping

    Jul 30, 2011
    Bonney Lake
    I have not worked with glass, but I have been reading up on it. I am very interested in learning to do stained glass. I love the colors of the glass and the different types of glass. I really need a good space to work with glass. I would prefer it to be outside, but I only have a carport. What do you like best about it?
  3. kareninthesun

    kareninthesun Songster

    Jul 1, 2011
    Once I got over my fear of cutting and breaking glass, it's the fluidity of color. Almost like viewing the Grand Canyon throughout the day, and the hues which reflect. As much as I like patterned glass, I love the pure, clear primaries, especially reds and yellows. A lot of quilt patterns can be modified to glass. And if you have all the free time in the world, there is no waste if you've got a creative streak, small chips can be incorporated into kaleidoscopes, larger into night lights or crosses of all kinds.

    Yeah, you need space just to keep organized and access to a lot of ventilation/air. If there's a glass shop close by to take lessons and work on projects, that helps. Also, you tube has a lot of practical stuff to gleam from. Don't buy products needed at stained glass stores. Shop around. Much can be gotten cheaper at places like Home Depot. And practicing on clear glass I got mine from the thrift store for nearly free, helps. Don't forget eBay.
  4. piecemaker

    piecemaker Songster

    Feb 12, 2008
    Centerville Texas
    DH and I did mosaic stained glass for a few years. Will be doing some for CHRISTmas selling agian this year. Love that broken glass
  5. redhen

    redhen Kiss My Grits... Premium Member

    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
    I've never worked with it, but i looove it!
  6. 202roosterlane

    202roosterlane Happy Hen on a Harley

    Feb 24, 2011
    Central Arkansas
    Ohhhhh me too! I would love to learn!!!!!!!
  7. elbertchick

    elbertchick Chirping

    May 30, 2011
    I love to do stainglass but since I moved to the country, haven't had the time. I did save all my glass sheets though so someday..... I really loved doing lamps and miss the shows. I agree the colors can be entrancing however it is very addicting. I used to work for hours and I would work into the dawn hours. My kids loved the glass and learned how to walk around it in my shop and bring their friends to see, also taught them to do simple pictures. I did mostly copperfoil. Enjoy it. I did it for a side line for 10 years. You all have fun with it. I liked the instant gratification on my light table as I was creating. How fun!!!

  8. verthandi

    verthandi Songster

    May 18, 2007
    I do stained glass and mosaics.


    Waiting for cement on frame (hence tape still on framework.)

  9. Mary Of Exeter

    Mary Of Exeter Songster

    Apr 10, 2009
    Rowan County, NC
    How pretty! I've always wanted to try it!
  10. welasharon

    welasharon Songster

    Jun 28, 2010
    North Florida
    Quote:Very nice soldering lines! I love but have not had much time to work on it lately.

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