Anyone know about frozen eggs???


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9 Years
Mar 21, 2010
Well it is winter out here and I have found a few frozen eggs from time to time in my egg boxes
when it has been real cold. Now my question is is it safe to eat them if they are frozen???
If you bring them in and defrost them are they still okay?? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
If the egg is just frozen, it's fine. I put it in the carton with the rest. If it's cracked but the inner membrane isn't broken, I cook it up and eat it that day. If the inner membrane is broken, I cook it up and feed it to the dog or the chickens. I always make sure the cracked eggs I eat are thoroughly cooked, or use them for baking. Eggs can be frozen for later use. There is a bit of textural difference in the white, but the egg is fine to use.

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