Anyone know how to make a "Chicken Diaper"?


10 Years
Jul 27, 2009
Yesterday was a horrible day for me as I had to lay to rest "Droopy Girl" my beloved chicken who would have been 10 years old next Spring. She and "Molly" were the last 2 of my original 12 when I first started raising chickens years ago. I lost all of them due to illness mainly brought on by old age, having lost 4 this Spring.

I am not the only one grieving here though since Molly has lost her only companion and is currently in the garage by herself.

I pop in several times when I hear her crying to let her know she is not forgotten and she wants to come into the house but I don't want chicken poop all over the floor.

She is lonely and I was wondering if anyone has ever made a simple to use "diaper" that I can pin around her butt to catch her droppings so she can walk around inside.

I don't want to get another chicken since she will be 8 in a few months and I want to travel and not be tied down with pets. I will just keep her till she passes on also. Thanks, Ray


Sep 12, 2015
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Here is a link to making one yourself, quick and easy. Sounds like you need it pretty immediately!

A word of advice (just from reading, I've never made one) put some zip lock baggie or plastic in the bottom and something to absorb.

Good luck! If it works show us a picture!

Sorry for your loss!

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