Anyone know how to wire a PC fan into a plug for incubator?

quail kid

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Mar 15, 2009

Im new to this forum and im making a homemade incubator but i dont know how to wire a pc fan into a plug?I heard something about a cell phone charger and connetc it or something like that?
Can someone pla tell me bit by bit and pics or a video to show me.Im not very good with technical stuff.



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Mar 12, 2009
The easiest method is to find an old used wall plug adaptor for somehting you have laying around. This could be an old cell phone charger, aswering machine adapter, flash light charger, etc. Basically a small box type of wall plug in. Hopefully you know what I mean, it basically cuts the 110V wall electricity down to 12v or so for electronics.

Then all you need to do is cut the end off, and wire the 2 wires from the PC fan to it.

Just be sure to look on the back of the charger plug, it should tell you what the voltage output is of it. Obviously if its more than 12V you cannot use it. If its lower than 12V, (example - 9V, 5V, etc) you COULD use it, but the fan would spin slower. Also it may give you a amperage or wattage number, but you won't need to worry about that because the fan would draw next to nothing.

Clay In Iowa

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Oct 9, 2008
Near Wilton Iowa
It's very easy.

Find an old unused phone charger. Cut the wires (as long as possible) and strip them back a bit to expose bare wires. Do the same to the computer fan. Twist one wire from each (fan and charger) together and wrap in electrical tape. Repeat with the other wires.

Plug in and enjoy.

Computer fans run at 12 volts direct current. Most phone chargers convert 120 alternating current (house hold current) to 5.5 to 6.6 volts DC so the fan won't run as fast as it will in your computer but it will run fast enough to circulate the air in a bator.

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