Anyone know of a Class action suite against Bank of America ??

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  1. I have heard and experienced so many horrid things about this bank. They have policies and procedures in place that allow them to steal money right out from under you nose.

    Any one heard of ANY class action suite can be joined that one can go against this bank ??
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    I have no use for that bank. They tracked down my parents and called them in order to reach me(I have an unlisted number AND I have been living on my own for 16 years!), they HARRASSED my parents, all over a closed account I had with them years ago and they were just trying to drum up business!!! UGH!
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    Quote:I had them do it to me several years ago. They made a mistake that caused several checks to bounce that would not have bounced if they had not caused it, I sat with a rep and spent over an hour of my time showing them just what happened. They admitted a mistake had been made on their part, but insisted I still owed them the insufficent funds charges!

    I closed my account and told them to sue me for the charges. They tried to blackmail me by telling me I'd never get an account with any other bank because I'd have this on my banking record.

    I have an account with a different bank and they don't pull this kind of garbage on you.
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    I have (had) an IRA at LaSalle Bank - which just got taken over by Bank of America [​IMG] I am NOT a happy camper, I despise Bank of America.

    Instead of easily taking the required minimum out of the IRA as I am required to do every year - I have to send a letter to them, asking for it, then they will send me some form, etc...

    If I do it over the phone - they take out 500 bucks!!! (taxes) which I do not have to pay at the time I remove the money from the IRA. But since it is easier for them, they take it out then, instead of having to send me a paper at the end of the tax year.

    if I didn't have such a good interest rate (old IRA) the money would ALL be removed and put into another bank.

    eta - with LaSalle, I would call them they'd send me a form, and cut me a check - no problem.

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