Anyone know the rule on keeping chickens in Leander, Texas?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by cyanne, May 23, 2008.

  1. cyanne

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    May 19, 2008
    Cedar Creek, TX
    I looked online and what I found didn't make much *seemed* to say that they could not be kept within a certain distance of residential dwellings, but it also mentioned flocks of 12 or more birds. It seems to me that would mean the rules don't apply to flocks of 12 or less?

    I was hoping to find someone in my area who had already figured this out. We are also considering the option of just getting them anyway and trying to keep the neighbors happy and non-complaining.

  2. GranHabano

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    May 18, 2008
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    The rules in Leander are to not let your chickens meander too far. Sorry, that was lame.

    I'd be willing to bet that you can have a true Backyard flock of less than 12. If you wanted more than that, the distance stipulations would come into play. That being said, it really can depend on the individual in charge of enforcing the rules. The rules may be stricter than what the general practice is. Not saying to break the rules, but maybe ask around locally.
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    I'll look and see what I can find. Round Rock's regs were buried pretty deep and were hard ot find on line. When I found them they were well written and very specific.
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    Jul 1, 2008
    Hi all!

    Did anyone find out the answer for the person in Leander? I also live there, and have been curious about the rules. I know that Austin, Round Rock and Georgetown all have rules (they limit the number of chickens, but do allow them), but haven't found anything on the books for Leander.

    I do know that some HOAs prohibit them. Luckily, my HOA is pretty much inactive, other than collecting money for the neighborhood pool.


    bobbi c.

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