anyone know what happened to my ducklings?


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8 Years
Nov 23, 2011
I was all set for my ducklings to hatch. They were in the incubator with the chickens, the chicks came out fine.. Time came for the ducks, one came, then the second one, and he/she came out a little strange. All the other eggs were doing fine, moving around. then nothing. the next day, I decided to crack open the eggs to find out what went wrong. All of the remaining ducks were full term, except their stomachs were on 'developed' I guess, on the outside.

Has anyone ever had this happen? Is it possible that my ducks are getting into something that would cause this? I have more eggs in the incubator and one duck sitting on a nest. I have been waiting for babies for awhile and this just well, sucks.
ill be honest, im not sure. the incubator is at my friends house. But this isnt the first time that we have hatched out ducks. Muscovies yes. I will have to find out the settings. Im just paranoid that they may have gotten into something, or that there is something genetic that I need to fix as I would like to breed to sell. Everyone as far as I can tell seems healthy.

I just did some research, and it looks like they were born with their yolk sacs outside, not their inards. Atleast, that seems to be the closest thing I can find.

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