Anyone know what these are??


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Nov 6, 2009
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My chickens, being the wonderful excavators that they are, have unearthed many little things in my yard. Usually broken pieces of glass or plastic, left behind from the previous owner. Where the chickens are now, is close to where I believe the previous owners either had a burn pile, or at least dumped alot of stuff. I am curious, however, about their latest find. Anyone know what these are, and/or what they are used for? Yes, I do know that the middle object is a quarter
I did that for size reference.

One looks the leg of a glass/porcelain doll. The other looks like some kind of vial. Which, by the way, I would kill to have the little vial. ( I have "thing" for little glass item, old wood boxes, red dogs and gray horse's, It's a big "thing")
The one looks like a leg to some sort of doll. The other a vile. I found a vile a little bigger then that once. It is brown glass and says 'poison' and has cross bones on it. Really cool, I think it is packed away somewhere.
My husband insists that the white thing is the leg to some sort of figurine or doll. But to me it looks like some sort of hook or something. We used to have an old cast iron potbelly stove. It had a hook that you used to open the vent. That hook looked very similiar to this white thing. However, it didn't have the grooves on it, that look like something screws into it.
I am going to guess the bottle is some kind of spice/oil jar or medicine. The doll leg is a leg that would have been sewn on a fabic body.

legginMF12, I have a fun Hormel jar I unearthed in the garden, it is fun. And several other random but unlabeled jars
the leg looks like it comes from one of the porcelain clown type dolls with the harlequin outfits... also called jester dolls.

check the feet on this one:

they've got painted shoes, but it's the same foot.

here's another:

one more:

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