Anyone on BYC in Missouri? Moving there...


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Sep 27, 2010
Remember that thread about how my grandmother had 120+ acres in Missouri? Well, I got my wish. But before you say, "I'm so sorry she passed away!"


She invited me to come live with her!

So in a few weeks (probably after Halloween), I will be packing up my things (chickens included) and heading up there! LOL the rest of my family is staying right here in Dallas. I guess they've had enough of me (and my chickens).
But I plan on having a bunch of bantams, barnyard layers and a pair of geese once I move there
Grandma LOVES chickens, and she encouraged me to get some silkies because she had never seen them before.


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Mar 13, 2008
East South Central (West KY)
Hi there! Let me start by saying Welcome! You'll be my new neighbor to the west!
I don't live in Missouri, but my mom and a couple of my brothers do. I live in far western Kentucky, so it's about 150 miles to where my mom lives. There are LOTS of BYCers from Missouri! I didn't see a mention of what area you'll be moving to, but I'm sure you'll have no problem finding like-minded folks who love their chickens! Congrats on the move, and I hope you and your gang settle in smoothly. I'm sure your grandmother will enjoy your (and their!) company.

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