Anyone sell New Zeland White meat Rabbits in Iowa

check Craigslist, its a really good source of that kind of thing. I have recently been looking for the same thing, not only did I find NZ rabbits for sale but I got a custom hutch for my first two bunnies at a really good price.
Clay - the only rabbits I ever see on Des Moines CL is "show rabbits" - never NZ or meat and I read both the pet section and the farm section everyday. (Never know what you might find
Thanks pbjmaker.

I've been looking for days, craigs list in Des Moines, Quad Cities, Iowa City , Debuque, All over Western Illinois, as well as clssified adds form all over.. Been Googling like a mad man.... NOTHING!! seems Odd...
there was a southern Iowa BYC member named Lisa Lisk that had meat rabbits but she hasn't been on in several months. We're not sure what happened to her. I've met her in person and she was even willing to help teach how to ready them to eat. Super nice lady.

I used to have her cell number - should try and look it up and find her.
If you get in touch please let her know I'm looking. I'd REALLY appreciate it... I'm just floored that I can't find a breeder in Iowa... really weird.

Oh I'd consider Silver Fox meaties as well....

I found a Yahoo group for Meat bunnies... 3400 members... no one in Iowa (on that list) sells them either.... Beginning to think they are fictional....
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We have been looking for the same thing! I don't know if you remember us or not but we bought a split lavender Am. Roo from you and your son about two years ago. Right now we have one Blue New Zealand doe I got at an auction in Kalona for $3. She is an awesome mommy rabbit, but so far seems to produce mainly black babies ( we have had two litters, one with a mini rex buck and one with a siamese satin buck). We have a pair of full size siamese satins ( not as big as the NZ's but still about 8-10lb rabbits) and a Mixed Lop that we just bred with our SS buck to see what size kits she throws. Still Looking for the New Zealands though We have looked at Maquoketa swap and though they had tons of rabbits there, no white new zealands. We would be happy with Reds even, I am going to Waverly swap this year, maybe I can find some there, it is like ten times bigger then Maquoketas. If I find some I'm buying a lot, if you are still looking at the end of April I will let you know if I find extras. Good luck looking and let me know if you find someone.

Waverly is only a month away now...

I am going to the auction in Osceola on March 20th. There are usually some rabbits there. I would offer to buy for you but not sure what I would be looking for.
Wow, that's interesting...what is she crossed with or ? Can you post a pic?

there are purebred blues,,the color is like a blueish colored cat.

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