Anyone setting or hatching in North Texas? Please read.

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  1. Citron_d'uccle

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    Aug 15, 2011
    Fort Worth, TX
    I would like to buy some hatching eggs soon and hatch them out. However I do not currently own a working incubator (I am really considering a Genesis Eco Digital. Gotta wait tho.)

    I was hoping to find someone on here who is hatching chicks or who is planning to set some eggs soon. I would be willing to buy newly hatched chicks or I would be willing to split the cost with someone on hatching eggs. I also plan to buy hatching eggs of 4-5 rare breeds as well.

    I plan on raising mostly rare Heritage breeds, Such as Barred Rocks, Delawares, Dominiques, Redcaps, French Copper Marans, Welsummers, Ameraucanas, Araucanas, New Hampshire Reds, Barnevelders, etc. I am VERY picky when it comes to selection of chicks and hatching eggs. I breed to maintain birds that are true to breed first, then comes other factors like egg production, egg color, meat to feed ratios, etc.

    If you can, please help. Thanks.

  2. ronniewayne

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    Aug 7, 2011
    i am in queen city,tx about 4 hours from you...i travel in my job so i am in d/fw at least once a month...i just purchased a used GQF SPORTSMAN and have my first eggs to hatch i hope wed 23.....i have found a breeder of heritage barred rocks and domiques and buff orpingtons in ar and another with heritage rir's ....i am interested in hatching some domiques so i plan to get some eggs from him as soon as his hens finish molt....and i would hatch you some other eggs if you want ...i am just learning and practicing on these ee mutt eggs and plan to raise some pure wheaton ameracuanas...from what i can read on here if i can obtain eggs by picking them up much better than shipping...[​IMG]

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