Anyone tired of snow?


12 Years
May 14, 2007
After such a wonderful week we had with spring type weather, I got really depressed to have it start snowing yesterday, and today. I really love the warmer weather, and am tired of being cooped up in the house all the time.I am ready to throw out the snow boots and throw on some shorts. Anyone else?
I am very tired of it. It was starting to melt here, could finally see the grass, and starts snowing again today, and we are suppose to get 6 plus inches tonight. I am through with winter.
We didn't have too bad a winter - it only snowed twice and under 3 inches and rain washed it away the next day. I was hoping for a little more snow, but I know how you feel - when you have too much of anything it can be overwhelming.

Thursday is the first day of Spring - I hope the weather changes for you all with the snowy winters.
I was tired of snow, but now I'm tired of mud!!!!

You and me both. We're a mud pit. The coop area is a mess. We've augered three holes and back filled them with gravel, the water was too deep up there.

It was a beautiful, sunny day today, but more rain tomorrow.

I do have crocus coming up, though, so spring can't be too far away!!

Dafodils have been gone here.The azalea's and pear tree's are starting to bloom now.The dogwood buds are starting to pop open too.
Sick of snow here too!, but luckily
it got warm here last week and most of it melted
and its just cold now.

so we have:
30-40 degree weather
some snow

not to happy here.
And do any of you have a blind weather man to? OUrs just forcasted that today was going to be partly cloudy. And its been snowing like crazy on and off all day today.

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