Anyone tried Deviled Egg Tray for hatching?


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Nov 15, 2009
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Hi !
Just curious to know if anyone has tried using a Deviled Egg Tray for hatching?
I go into lockdown tomorrow and am nervous about hatched chicks rolling the unhatched eggs around. Last batch was rolling the other eggs around like crazy and I am afraid the others drowned.
So, I'm thinking...(SCARY..I KNOW .....LOL......)
A Deviled egg tray would hold eggs horozontally and wouldnt impede their ability to hatch like cartons do....right?
Maybe if hubby could drill holes in bottom of plastic deviled egg trays my problem would be solved?!
Just wondering if any of you have tried this?
Thanks for your comments and or advice in advance!
How do you put the eggs in so the chicks can hatch? Doesn't it make it hard for them? For some reason I can't seem to figure out how that works....Even if I cut the bottoms out of egg cartons if I try to lay them on their sides some of them fall down... What happens when they hatch? Doesn't the carton work against them trying to get out?
Thanks !

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