Anyone tried this feeder?


Feb 8, 2018
South Jersey
I'm looking at this feeder set up and was wondering if anyone had tried it. This is a similar set up via video.I have a small flock of 7 and think it might be just what I am looking for.

Any thoughts?
Do you have a photo so we could see the feeder?

I just read the "build" and I might have to try that one out!! Currently using holes drilled in the bottom of the bucket, put into a feed pan - inexpensive gravity feed. So far, haven't had issues with sparrows or other birds...

Finding buckets these days with a "wire bail" handle heavy enough to hold 25#s of feed will be interesting. Just carrying the Lowes' or TSC's buckets w/ feed in them makes the handles "groan"... Must have to purchase the heavier buckets.
Hm.. We paid for the "peckomatic" which is very similar to this. I love it and use it every summer for our meat birds.

I don't have any financial incentive to talk about peckamatic, I just really love the product!
I used trigger happy chicken feeders, they work fine, just you have to experiment with the thickness of the plastic and the hole size, I put it in a place accessible to wild birds and they learned how to use it, It wasn't practical for me to put it inside the coop, so I use treadle feeders now

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