Anyone up for gender recognition?


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I hatched these 6 weeks ago.

They were in a coop with 4 RIR hens, 2 EE hens and 1 RIR roo...

I origionally had 12 chicks but a coon broke into my brooder and ripped a couple heads off and a hawk took a couple when they were ranging peacefully for about 20 minutes on a nice sunny day...

So I'm not sure if they are all RIR's or if there may be an EE cross in the mix.

Also, I can't tell if they're girls or boys...

Help anyone?!?
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It would be easier to tell with individual pictures but based on these pics... I see at least 2 roos possibly as many as 4. The little one with a lot of brown in the wings, over the back, and in the tail I would guess is an EE cross. Individual side on pics of each would make it a whole lot easier to get more specific.
i think you have 3 roos.
1st pic the one in bottom right corner & the two in the middle
2nd pic the one on the right & the two beside him but not the darker one at the back

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