anyone use a dog house?

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  1. AtRendeAcres

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    May 23, 2007
    Clarion County
    If you have a doghouse as your coop can you post a picture?

    Grit magizine had a barn style dog house renivated for a small coop & run!

    the dog house is plastic can you use that!

    my winter project is getting small coops together for breeding, setting, 1 get hurt...

    this idea would make things easier!

    also would that be good enough in the winter? (I am in Western PA)
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  2. lurky

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    Jun 4, 2007
    Western MA
    My friend that gave me my silkies has a pen with an igloo dog house, A pen with one of those calf huts for a shelter, and a pen with a medicine cabinet that is really deep with the doors opened up. the birds built a nest inside and she put a roost in it and it works. Not one chicken has complained. Sorry i dont have pics, but i thought i would tell you anyway.
  3. Flufnstuffs~FluffySilkies

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    Jan 11, 2007
    We had 4 Silkies in this,
    then we added extra support cut out a hole in the wire pen and added a 10 galon pond for tiny ducks.
    2X3 Dog House with attached 3X6 Wire Pen now holds 4 Mini Ducks.
    We used 1X1 inch wire for safty. I also added Heavy Duty Clear Plastic to the wire pen that I purchase in the craft
    section of WalMart to keep the wind and snow off the ducks. The bottom is open wire but they do fine I do give them
    rubber matts to sit on.


    You can view most of our Coops/Pens/Cages here
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  4. k625

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    Aug 14, 2007
    really cute picture of the little barn dog house. I want to do something like that with my coop. I saw a dog house in my neighbors yard today and went over and asked if I could have it since the dog wasnt using it, so its 50% but its solid, its close to 200lbs the guy said! So now I just have to either figure out how to get it in my 8x8x8 coop, I don think it will fit through the door, or somehow to attach it ouside.

    More pics of dog house coops would be great to see as a refrence!!
  5. Newchickenmom&kids

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    Apr 11, 2007
    Quote:How on earth do you keep your silkies from drowning????
  6. dangerouschicken

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    May 6, 2007
    Columbia Gorge, OR
    Here's mine made from the article in Mother Earth News (same one as in Grit Magazine)....


    My rooster, Ike, seems to like it fine....


    BUT winter is coming, and I can't run heat out there, so my dad and I are building a new coop from a thick plastic shed and lining the inside with straw bales for insulation....

  7. tazcat70

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  8. Flufnstuffs~FluffySilkies

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Newchickenmom&kids - It was a Silkie house first them I bought them a big house and converted this into a mini duck pen.
  9. lexustami

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    Jun 14, 2007
    St. Clairsville, OH
    Thanks for this post. I had the same question.

    I have to do something with my young silkies. They are too stupid to stay with the bigger chickens. They don't go inside when it rains and they get covered in mud. I know they won't survive a winter in the main coop. They are about 12 weeks old now.

    I also have a dog house I got off of FreeCycle.

    Take care,

  10. tiffanyh

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    Apr 8, 2007
    I have multiple small coops (condos) with dog houses as coops. Everyone seems quite happy and all together they cost a total of $50!Although, morning care/watering/feeding is a pain! But everyone has to be separate for "agreement issues". [​IMG]




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