Anyone use layena sunfresh recipe?

What did you feed before the five months? I plan on getting a pair of mini silver appleyards. Isn't maturity around 4 weeks? So, why can't I feed the layena pellets starting then?

As with the All-Flock, I can't really evaluate the feed based upon the website. Without knowing the ME of the diet, you can't really estimate consumption to know how much of the different nutrients they are getting. Also, no vitamin levels are listed, particularly niacin. Ducks need 55 mg/kg niacin in their diet throughout their life.

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I bought a bag once. I didn't like it because the pellets were huge and I have a bantam chicken. I got it when my other feed store ran out of All Flock and I needed something. Nobody liked it. They did eat it eventually but I worried about the size.
So what do all of you feed your ducks then? All flock, purina,etc?

Thanks for your thoughts!
My ducks eat Purina Flock Raiser. We feed grit and oyster shell free choice. Every week or so we add a vitamin/electrolyte solution to their water. We feed all the birds flock raiser including the turkeys and roosters. It's just easiest for us to only have to buy one feed.

They get greens as treats in the winter when they can't free range as much. They love cucumbers, sunflower seeds, watermelon, and cut up tomatoes as treats too.
When do you start feeding the ducks this? Three weeks? Seven weeks? Do I have to add the electrolites to the water? Do you do this because there isn't enough "stuff" in the flock raiser? I will be including grit oyster shells and free range/greens to their diet!
My Ducks eat the Purina line start n grow, then the Flock Raiser and then Layena....they go back on flock raiser when not laying. I chose that feed because it was recommended by Holderreads when I bought my ducks. I do also use a mix of 50% Turkey Wild Game Bird Starter and 50% chick starter all unmedicated if I cannot locate unmedicated Start N Grow.

I do not give mine electrolytes I see no need for it but they do get fresh greens all the time and in the winter...frozen peas thawed. They need the fresh greens. They get grit but not oyster shell. Ducks need less calcium that chickens but they require more niacin.
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