Anyone using a Bio-Pod? to make Cheap Chicken Food

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10 Years
May 13, 2009
Happy Valley, CA
We have had Black Solider Fly grubs in our compost pile every year and never knew what they were until this year with some research. Then we wondered if chickens could eat them, we weren't sure so we didn't.

Well, we sure missed the boat according to an article in this month's Backyard Poultry magazine all about raising them to add as a cheap source for feeding chickens.

The process seems very easy and another type of special composting bin that allow the grubs to crawl out and provide a clean source of high protein food for the chickens.

Just wondering if anyone has one and what you think about it.

I have been wanting one for a while, thought of making one too but never got around to it, I might as for it as a Christmas gift this year I heard they work very well and who does not like free food
I saw that article too. It was interesting. I tried to farm earwigs in a glass jar once, not a good idea! They grew better in the always open chicken door!
Maybe a more "natural" approach is better?

But this isn't earwigs we're talking about, is it?
No way - I hate those things. Like I said we have the grubs growing naturally in the compost pile, so like you we should probably go natural and save $180.

Why, oh why did you post this???? Now I want one! But $179 is a bit steep. Wonder if there's a way to get similar results with a do-it-yourself version of a Bio-Pod? Though I love the wiz-bang Star Trek modern look of the actual Bio-Pod.

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