Anyone using ACCO feeds?


6 Years
Mar 6, 2013
Conroe, TX
I did a search here on BYC but didn't come up with much.

Is anyone feeding their chickens ACCO Paymaster feeds? I know the company is based in Texas, which I like, but I'd love to hear personal experiences with this feed.

I'm getting 25 chicks the first week of October, so I'd be feeding the chick starter/grower.
I guess my chicks will become guinea pigs for the Paymaster feed. It seems pretty typical as far as ingredients go, so we'll see how they do on it when they get here.
Interesting, I knew they made horse feed, did not realize they made chicken feed and don't remember ever seeing it around here (Ohio). Their locator does say one of the mills that stocks Paymaster is one we go to occasionally, will have to remember to check it out next time and see if they have anything but the horse feed.
I'm in Texas (where they're from) so maybe we have it down here and you don't up there. I'll keep everyone posted on how I like it once I have chicks to feed it to :)
I'd like to know a little about this feed too.

I just noticed it at my local Costco here in southern California.
Hey, Steve!

I have been using this feed on my chicks for about four weeks now.

I have no complaints. I ferment it and feed it to 24 chicks; at four works almost all of them are 80-85% fully feathered, and they're feisty as all get out!

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