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Sudden Reptile Fanatic
Jul 8, 2018
My Coop
My Coop
Let's get to know each other a little!

My name is Jessa (but I always go by Clucky on the forums)
I have 8 chickens
I also have a rabbit, 2 cats, and 2 fish.

I love art and taking pictures. I also like to do slow-mo videos of my cats jumping into the air after a string!
My name is Kayla. Some people online call me Huff, Huffle, or HC.
I have 24 chickens, 10 quail, 30 guineas, 7 call ducks, 1 rabbit, 4 cats, 2 hermit crabs, 3 betta fish, 2 leopard geckos, and 1 green anole. I feel like I’m forgetting something but maybe I’m not.

I also like photography! In my free time researching reptile morphs & genetics is interesting to me.

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