Anyone want to have guess at the gender of these 5wk sussex?????

It's very hard to say from the picutes, but from what i can see, only a roo in picture 3.

I don't have any pictures of mine light sussex at 5 weeks. But i have this picture of a roo & a pullet at 6 weeks, hope it can help you.

Yep, kind of hard to tell in the photos. For what it is worth, I had a horrible time trying to sex my two light sussex. I thought they were cockerels - they both turned out to be hens. If I had to hazard a guess, I would guess that yours with the more noticeable combs are cockerels.

Yeah- all the pics are blurry except #3. That one looks like a little roo.
Tina- are those bantams in the pics? I have speckled sussex, and thier shape is alot different than those at that age.
sorry! I'm not the best at taking action shots. I will have another go at it with my daughter holding them. It's funny, the two smaller birds have a slight comb but the two larger, longer-legged birds have like a thick row on their heads. The smallest bird with a tail and small comb is the most dominant.
didn't notice! one of my kids put a surprise capsule in the pen full of food. That's a cracker of a shot.
Here is two shots of one bird... hope these photos are better!!

Bird #3 Think this one is a roo, it has long legs and seems to protect the others


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