Anyone want to hazard a guess at what types these are?


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Apr 8, 2013
Here is a pic of both types (2 of each hatched, the black ones both look identical, the bi-color ones have slightly different coloring, but otherwise the same). I think the gray/silver one is a Cochin, based on the 4 toes and feathered feet, though no idea what color it will be.... black? blue? barred?
The black one is smaller, and has black feet with light feathering on the legs.

This pic shows the size difference better. They look so grumpy but are really sweet - love to be held. :)

I was told that the eggs came from a yard of only bantams - but it included Cochins, Seramas, D'Uccle, Frizzles, and Sebrights, if that helps any. Thanks!!!
They don't look like frizzles. Pretty much any breed of chicken can be made into a bantam. The gray one looks like some Easter Eggers I had hatch, especially with the puffy cheeks, but the legs are feathered so that doesn't fit. Cochin- Easter Egger mix? Haha I don't know.
They are some cute chicks though :)
Yeah, it doesn't really matter to me what kind they are, just thought it'd be nice to know. LOL
They are probably mixed - which is fine by me - I think they are cute no matter what. :)

I wonder, how early can you sex them? I ask because I really only need hens for the eggs, but if all 4 of these turn out to be roosters I need to hatch more eggs asap before my human baby arrives. I only have about 6 weeks, so I could hatch one more batch in hopes of having enough hens.

ETA: I don't see any type of beard, so that should rule out that kind. Thanks!
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That's the only way we've ever sexed ours too. I was just hoping that in the almost 20 years since then that someone came up with a quicker way. LOL
Maybe I will get a few more eggs just in case.... :D
What do you think about the smaller black ones being a Serama mix? Maybe a Serama/Silkie?

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