Anyone watching/listening to the news?

I am just watching the evening news in Ireland, sounds like you are in for a really difficult winter at least
Glad they voted NO! Big buisness needs a kick in the rear!! IF they make stupid decsions they should fall on their behinds just like the rest of us! I hated the fact that the gov is trying to make all of us pay for those rich b@$+@&*s screw ups!!! U can't help other is if u can't even help yourself....we're trillions in debt as it is!!!
This is when you want to be self efficent, let the market ride its self out, when the cost of gas goes up and shortages hit then we know the hard times have hit us we might as well get use to it. City folks will be hit the hardest when there is no fuel for transporting food.
oh i agree with taxpayers NOT paying for all these companies stupid mistakes. but it is sort of scary. i just had someone say something interesting to me... he said someone proposed distributing the 700 billion to american citizens, roughly 297,000 dollars for each married couple. what would you do with that much money? buy a house. which might solve this problem... i think they should pay for their own mistakes, not us.
No, just wondering what the effects are gonna be now. I don't now enough about this stuff to really understand and I hate that...

On one hand, I think "let 'em sink" on the other hand I know that what affects big business also affects the normal people. Trying not to freak out here and that sounds so stupid cuz I don't know what I am freaking out about!

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