Anyone who thinks that hurricane was no biggie

What force!
Sad to see the covered bridges go
Morons who go out in the middle of the storm to film or stand on piers and get washed away are just an example of Darwinization.

Maybe I was used to typhoons that hit Japan being not a big deal because the buildings and infrastructure there are built to withstand it, but truly, hurricane Irene could have been a lot worse. It glanced the coast, it didn't plow into it. I've sat through a Cat 5 typhoon, and it was intense. Though the only death with the storm was someone who decided to go for a walk when the eye passed over. Well, the eye moves fast, and before he knew it, BAM hurricane is back!
The worst of this damage was after the storm passed over. It was the flooding that did it. Yes, people who video tape during hurricanes are foolish. But, can we focus on the devastation these people are coping with??
I feel so bad for the people who got hit by the hurricane. I have been praying every day that everyone is okay. And im not trying to be mean but in the last video with the man delivering the meds. Well I feel worse for the horse. The horse is the one that is having to fight the rapids from sweeping both him and his rider away. Truthfully I believe that is cruel to make a horse do that. You can see how fast that water is running, and part where the horse looses his footing because it got so bad. But I do feel horrible for the people who had to make it through this hurricane. I hope that all will be okay!
It is sad to see all the damage. I am one of the ones who say we need a storm to blow some of this heat out of Texas. BUT I DO NOT want any one to have to go thru that part of the storm. I wish we could have the storm with out the damages. I just wish this crazy weather would go away and be normal what ever that is. Just so hard to see the utube vids of all that is going on up there. Thoughts and prayers for all
"Hurricane Irene could have been a lot worse." That's a true statement, but is of little solace to those still living with the after effects.
"Hurricane Irene could have been a lot worse." That's a true statement, but is of little solace to those still living with the after effects.

I agree with both statements

Although it was "just" a Cat 1, it did more damage than many "stronger" storms because it was so wide.

We had hurricane force winds for more than 12 hours, and 12+ inches of rain

My power was out from early Saturday morning until 6 PM Wed. The phone was out most of that time also

The media isn't making a big deal of it as they did with Katrina, but to those who were IN it , it's every bit as bad, and in some places the water is STILL rising.​
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