Apparently a 2002 mercury sable is a rare car NOT!


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May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
So a few weeks back my daughter borrowed my car to go to a friends house. Some guy was not paying attention and swerved into her lane. Being 16 and inexperienced she also swerved and smacked the curb really hard, bending the rim.

It has taken 3 WEEKS to get a new steel rim for it. No one seems to have them used. So I go to pick it up yesterday and they sent a BENT rim. Did they think I wouldn't notice???????

The front grill also has fallen off while she was driving and she didn't notice (music too loud?). It had a broken plastic clip and had fallen off before, so it wasn't her driving per se but how could you not notice it hitting the ground?

That has been near impossible to find - found one for $50, I'm going to look at it today - hopefully the clips are intact and will work. My car looks so ghetto without the grill.

Of course she treats her "new" (to her) car like gold...


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Nov 23, 2009
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Bluh, had a Mercury Sable Wagon years ago... tranny problems out the wazoo... now stuck with a Ford Taurus (same difference) and whatta ya know, tranny problems.

And yet FIL (who talks DH into these things and I find out after the fact and when carless I'm just thankful you know?) continues to talk about how fabulous the Taurus/Sable is...

So does my Dad for that matter, but he sticks to Ford Trucks (what he drives)... that's different.

Still, no Ford has ever topped the stunt our Dodge Intrepid pulled... wiring in the glovebox when haywire (bad pun) and started a fire, gas tank blew before it was said and done... StepMom was driving one at the time and when I told Dad the news he said "OHHH so that's what that popping noise is that's coming from the glovebox" and promptly got rid of theirs.

Best car over all would probably be the 84ish Toyota Corolla FX-16... built like a go cart (sounded like one too until we got a new muffler) but the biggest problem it ever had was a U-joint and a radiator... and that's with near 200,000 miles.

Ah wow, I feel old now.

Good luck on your parts hunt... plastic grills I can see being really hard to find intact, but I don't get the trouble on the rim thing... why is that super specific to a Sable??
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Jan 4, 2009
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I will ALWAYS have a spot in my heart for my Sable LS.

Saved my life...that house didn't stand a chance.

Might want to try looking up 2002 Mercury Sable parts also..most of the time the parts are interchangeable, but be careful. The 1996 Sable vs. the 1996 Taurus had some differences.

Edit, sorry....meant to put that you might want to type in "2002 Ford Taurus" parts. I know that there I've seen several more Taurus than Mercury's from 2002.
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May 9, 2008
Central Iowa
We really haven't had many problems with the sable until this year, even now it is all minor stuff that goes with having a car with 150,000 miles. I just want to keep it running for about 3 more years.

Picked up the rim and the grill now got to get the tire put on the rim. My daughter is sure racking up a bill

Too bad she doesn't have a job right now.


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Sep 24, 2010
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Tauruses and Stables are notorious for tranny problems. We had a nice Taurus Wagon. Tranny blew the front seal and lost all it's fluid. The whole car was in real nice shape but a rebuilt trans was 1200 and the car was only worth about 1200. Didn't want a used trans because it would just do the same thing and a trans on a front wheel drive car isn't as easy as a rear wheel drive. Called a donation place. Bye Bye Taurus.


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Apr 12, 2009
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I drive Jeeps and I drive Toyotas.

I have no idea what y'all are talking about. But... sorry about your car problems pbjmaker.
(I don't trust those Taurus cars. One of them takes my spot religiously! I've resorted to getting there early to beat um'!


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Jul 13, 2009
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I have a mercury villager minivan, I cant find any parts for it either. The automakers dont even carry engine repair parts for it! We have been trying to get one part for over a year now!

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