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Ok, I was hoping to get a responce on my other thread reguarding my broody BO, but it didn't happen.
So, I figured I'd just go with the advise/suggestions that seemed to be the more popular option amoungst the members here.
I had removed all the eggs, and Faux wooden eggs, from under the broody BO yesterday,... and picked up a couple of day-old chicks today.
I tried to sneak them into the nesting box with the broody BO, (Goldie), with as little disruption, and stress as possible.
I did this thru the egg collection door from the outside of the coop.

Well, guess what,...
"Goldie", (the broody hen), went NUTZ on the two chicks, and I'm talkin' Full Blown RAMBO Style!
She litterly attacked the chicks within seconds, and was viloently pecking at them, with obvious full intent to kill them.

I had to smack her away, (something I did not want to do), just to protect the chicks, so that I could scoop them back up, and into safety.

Now,.. I have a Broody hen who has a seriously bad mood, and attitude to match, AND,... (two) 2-4 day-old chicks, that I didn't want to have to care for seperately,and didn't really want to buy in the first place.

so NOW what do I do?
What are my options, other than the obvious keep the chicks in a brooder,
and raise them seperately for the next few months,...
then TRY to integrate them,... etc., etc., etc.

i really did not need this right now, and especially not this weekend with my in-laws from out of town arrived yesterday.
(my MIL just had a serious stroke 1 year ago, and is not doing too well).
This is their first time to visit in two years to see the grandkids.

I REALLY didn't need to be dealing with chicken issues this weekend.

so, what do I do now ???

Thanks for any help, and advise.
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is she still on the nest? Did you end up putting something under her? ie.. fake eggs or real? Now that it's night I'd try to slip the chick back up under her. Go outside the coop after and listen. Then if all's well go back in a little while and see if they are all doing fine. Night time is usually the best time to try this. Some BYC members won't try it during the day for this reason. Let us know what happens. You might even break open some eggs and wash them out. Place a few pieces of the broken sheels under her as if the chicks hatched.
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When my mother had a hen hatch a large brood and had another broody hen she would often split the brood. She gave the hen who went broody later four or five nest egg gourds to sit on. When the chicks hatched, she always made the transfer at night and she always left the "eggs" until she put in the chicks. She would add one chick at a time an hour or so apart and took an egg out with each chick she put in. She always left a few eggs until the hen settled with the chicks. She felt that if a hen had fewer chicks she was able to take better care of them.
I disagree. I wouldn't try again unless you want dead chicks. Do you know anyone with chickens who might take them off your hands?
how long to you let her brood first? i was told to wait till like day 20.. so she THINKS she really hatched them. if you slip them in on say day 5 she will know something is wrong.
So, how long did you wait?
I would just... throw the eggs against a fence or something. Or eat them, as long as it's still a small emyro, that should be fine.
I'm not sure I understand how this is going to help anything ?
OK, I'll try to answer everyones questions here,...

Yes she is still on the nest, No there are no eggs, (real or fake) under her since yesterday morning.

Today is day 4 or 5 for her to have been broody.

I will wait until well after dark to try to slip them back under her.
But gaugeing from what just took place an hour or so ago,.... I don't have much confidence that it is going to go well.

No, I don't know anyone local who can take the chicks, if it does not go well.

here's a link to the other thread...
If you do not feel comfortable putting the chicks back under her, do you have a cage that you can put them in, within her sight? I had a broody go mean on chicks and had to separate them, but then she heard them peeping and eventually wanted them, going nuts to get to them, but not to hurt them. it went well after SHE decided she wanted them.
My first thought was that putting them underneath her at NIGHT would be the desired technique. I'm not sure whether she'll remember her fit initiallly, maybe not. I'd just be prepared to supervise the break-of-dawn reaction in case it resembles the first attempt.
Good luck & keep us posted!

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