Appenzeller Spitzhauben cockeral


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Apr 5, 2013
Am I correct in thinking this is a cockeral? I believe around 2 months. Acting pushy, reddening waddles, thick legs.


It's looking more like a pullet at this age compared to other photos I've seen of these cuties at a similar age. Crests make sexing difficult. If those wattles keep growing and drop (start to dangle) then that will mean it's a boy but if they stay as they are until around 12 weeks it's a pullet. Some girls are more pushy and more generously proportioned in the leg department (I have an Orpington pullet at the moment with tree trunk legs). Do update this once you know which way it's going as it may help someone else searching for answers about their Appenzeller. They are such cute chickens.
Looks like a pullet to me. No sign on the long white saddle feathers yet. Another pic in 10-14 days would help. Very nice crest!! That's the hardest trait to control in Spitzhaubens is the crest shape and size.
Thanks guys! I will post again before I leave for school and again when I come back in a few months so everyone can see the comparison!
Have you reached a point where you know if this little cutie is a hen or a roo? I have 3 Appenzellers that I purchased from Mypetchicken sexed as female but 2 of them are acting a wee bit more bold and sassy than the rest of my kids. They're 14 weeks old as of Oct 3 (yesterday) and I can see no significant sex characteristics except that their crest have a lot of white "frosting".

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