approx. 3 year old Orpington runny poop


8 Years
Feb 22, 2011
Spokane, WA
And listless for about 2.5 weeks.

I noticed her gunky looking butt feathers about 2.5 weeks ago and dunked her in water to soak poop off. Clipped a few feathers that would not come clean. She is just clearly not feeling well. I've given her little bits of extra protein trying to boost her over the hump. No improvement. She still gets out and pecks, but not very enthusiasticly. Often find her hiding somewhere within 10 minutes. When in the run she is puffedup , head tucked in sleeping most of the time.

I think today she is worse. I saw her just stand still and let another hen peck her comb. She also did not roost tonight for the first time.

I've just got no clue!!

Her comb is sort of purple red, which is different.
Her poop is watery, clear, large amounts with small bit of grass. Sometimes a bit of yellowish solids.

Tonight we tried to check her vent,though she has not seemed symptomatic for being egg bound ( since we font know what else to do!!), and I am stymied. How far should I have been able to insert a finger? I could only get in as far as my second knuckle on my index finger. When I inserted my finger I had to go to the left. Is that normal? Her body feels warm and plump, but not hard. I have no idea when she last laid. Maybe not since the fall? The other hens are just picking up again but I don't think I've caught her in the next box recently.

Any suggestions on what we might try for her assuming she puuls through the night?

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