April 14-16 Hatch dates anyone wanna join?

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    Jan 16, 2011
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    This is my fourth time hatching chicks. The first tiime was last year with a homemade incubator ( a box, a lightbulb, thermometer, and a cup of water LITERALLY!) I had 2 chicks hatch from 12. A couple months later I set 36 in a REAL incubator and I got 26 to hatch. This year I am getting to hatch eggs from the very first 2 chicks from the cardboard box last year (both hens) and some from the second hatch. So far this year I lost my first hatch of 42 that never grew at all because it was too near our woodstove and got to hot in the bator. Cracked all the eggs open and no blood or anything. I wised up and moved the bator into our kitchen and now four days after I set my eggs.........they are growing!!!! YAY [​IMG] I couldn't wait I had to candle them. I also just set 30 quail eggs I got in the mail today so they will be hatching around the 17th. I have mutt chickens mostly but several are Cornish Rock meat chickens and the rest are a mix of Buff Orp, RIR, Americauna, Barred Rock, and cukoo Maran (I think). So I am hoping someone will want to join this thread and we can go through our incubation and hatching together! [​IMG] Oh, I have 15 set by the way.

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