aprons on chickens


10 Years
Jun 29, 2009
My hens were looking a little shopworn on their backs from my rooster, Cyril's, amorous but inexperienced attentions. So I put aprons on them. How long can those aprons stay on? Should I take them off every once in a while? I'm just thinking that I know my bra straps itch and bind after just so long. I'd hate to think my poor chickaboos are having issues with apron straps. And a followup question - when will those feathers grow back in? Not til after moult?
Good question! How long does a chicken apron have to stay on? Does it depend on the current temperature in which you live, and how extensive the damage is?
I'm actually not so concerned about the temperature, but with sunburn and further damage. With the aprons on Cyril doesn't continue to hang on to feathers, but the apron instead, hence no further feather loss while wearing the aprons.
One of my well-loved hens wore hers for four months, 24/7, and her feathers grew back under it.

Dunno about "bra strap itchies" but once it was adjusted during her first garment sitting, she tootled along quite happily.

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