Araucana chick - what color is this? is it an obvious roo or pullet?

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13 Years
Apr 12, 2008
Buffalo, Missouri
Of three eggs hatched, there are 2 obvious black chicks and this one. I've hatched a splash before and it was yellow with markings. This one has very faint chipmunk striping and it's on a pale, grey tones. I'm stumped. I've though silver duckwing and even blue duckwing or something like that. Any guesses? I'll post when it feathers out as a learning tool for me as well as anyone else trying to learn down colors.
Just 12 hours old or so.


3 days old

In the second pic, it kind of reminds me of my mottled araucana.
Humm, hadn't thought of that one but then I often think I don't know a thing about chick color anyway,

I'm just tickled to have it, it's been tough getting started. Are you still selling hatching eggs? I have 3 from Lanae and 3 from Ann Charles and you're one of the breeders I was really hoping to have chicks from.
How does the mottle gene work? Any idea of what color the hen and roo were if this is a mottled chick? Now I really can't wait to see what color it will feather out.

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