Araucana not doing well

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    Oct 8, 2011
    Hello all,

    I have an araucana just over 2 years old who's been extremely down lately. I've separated her from the flock and have researched for hours and hours with no idea of what's going on.
    Here's her symptoms: Lethargic(not moving much and has extreme difficulty standing on her own two feet). No appetite. Crop is empty with no foul odor coming from crop. Weight loss, diarrhea(white and green colored), a sore below her vent area, puffed feathers, tail down, eyes scrunched,
    Here's what I've tried going through her symptoms. I've been trying to treat her for vent gleet with Epsom and vetericyn. I've been giving her electrolyte water everyday for over a week. Soaking her in a warm bath with Epsom. I started giving her vitamins today thinking this isn't gleet. She's in a travel carrier and has been inside for 4 days now but has been sick nearly 2 weeks.
    I was thinking at first perhaps it was fly strike from the wound near vent but it appears it may just be from her runny poop.
    I'm at wits end since there's so many different diseases out there and I don't have the money to fork a vet bill. Really am just hoping the rest, soaking, taking her out a few times to move every day, and electrolytes will help her heal.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    I can add some pictures if needed.
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    Try worming her. If it were vent gleet it would be sticky and would have a sickly sweet smell.

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