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Jan 5, 2010
Hi All,
My 8 month old araucana has been acting strange lately. About 4 days ago she would just stay in the pen and wouldn't come out with the rest of the flock. Even when I'd call "treaties" she didn't come out to see what I had. At the time she looked like she was constipated, kind of hunched like she was trying to immediately thought she was egg bound. She has just started to lay...I'd say about a month now. Anyway, did the warm bath and examined her duct. No prolapse. I actually inserted my baby finger into the duct to see if I could feel anything...nothing. But as soon as I removed my finger a watery, yellow poo came out. I don't think it's yolk. I can't feel any kind of mass in her abdomen. Up to about 2 days ago she was still laying. I have her in the house now...keeping her warm, she is alert, looks around, but just lays there. Today I'm noticing that her breathing is evident. Don't hear a noise, just see her sides heaving in and out. Her beak is slightly open. Today she is not eating or drinking. Comb looks fine. I think she is losing weight. Any idea what could be the problem?
The yellow poo may indicate an internal layer. The following link is incredibly helpful, be it is a little graphic at times.

Good luck, I hope it works out for you and your hen.

And I saw you didn't get much of a welcome last fall, so allow me to add
from South Carolina!
Thanks Ranchhand....but she just died. Must have just happened as she is still warm. I read the link that you! That may have been the problem. This is the second hen I've lost in the last couple of months. I'm brand new to this whole chicken thing, and learning as I go. Boy these girls can grow on you. Amelie (her name) was such a PITA when we first got her as a chick. Needed constant attention, would peep incessently. Anyway, when my kids were at school I couldn't get anything done because she was so high maintenance. She followed me everywhere I went like a dog. I have a picture of her taking a nap under my leg as I'm working in the garden. Thanks for the help and the welcome! I think I need to be on these boards more often so I can be up on various ills .

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