Are all of my silkies roosters??


Aug 30, 2019
I have 4 silkies, all 4 I fear are roosters because of their head
feathers (I’m sure they have a specific name, of which I do not know). We just purchased a farm, and are new to all things farming. Boy, is it a steep learning curve. I’d love any help identifying the gender of these silkies! They are about 8 weeks old
The gray one is a cockerel. The others I'm not sure on. The one in front on the second pic looks like it could be a pullet for now. They are still a little too young to tell for sure.
Thanks for the info! Can you tell me how you were able to make your prediction (so I know for next time). Thank you in advance!
Thanks for the info! Can you tell me how you were able to make your prediction (so I know for next time). Thank you in advance!
The comb. It's very large for the age of the chick (You didn't mention the age, but I'm guessing about three weeks by the size of the box) and in comparison to the others. I have had terrible luck with silkies, with every single one I've ever gotten turning out to be boys, so i have kind of gotten the hang of it. I would also make note of their behaviors. Some males might show signs of flock leadership early on. A couple of mine would call the other chicks to roost at night from just a few weeks old, were dominant with the other chicks, etc. You certainly cannot go by behavior alone, but it might help get you looking in the right direction for possible males. Watch for large combs and long, pointed saddle feathers, and an upright stance. You can look for streamers off the back of the crest, but is difficult to recognize true head streamers before their head fluff is completely in.
It really is too early to tell. I have a batch of 8 weeks old silkies and I'm only positive about 2 out of the 5 yet. I also have a 3 month old batch of 8 that still has 2 unknowns in it. Silkies can sometimes take forever to be sure. But for what its worth I agree with 2 and 2 in the picture above- at least for now. They all get goofy head feathers like that until the poofs come in. The little one in the front looks more round bodied and hen-like and stands more like a girl than a boy. The blue has a bigger comb and stands tall like a boy. Ditto with the one in the back. I'm iffy regarding the one on the far right but leaning a bit more toward pullet.

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