Are any solar lights bright enough to extend egg laying daylight hours?

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Jul 13, 2011
Mygirls production is shortening along with the days. I have no power to coop soimlooking for a solution that is solar powered to give them a few hours of lighting team or dusk.... All options I've seen are too dimto make a difference. Ideas?
You could build a custom solar set up, however it will cost you a bit.

Harbor freight has a 45 watt solar kit for around $200. Add a 12 volt battery or two and your adding another $100 or so. Then one or two 12 volt flood or area lights and a timer to turn it on and off would be around another $100.

$400 plus Misc. hardware.

On the plus side, you would now have the power to run an automatic door down the road.

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