Are both 10 week buff's BOYS???


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Jul 14, 2014
Hickory, NC
I definitely know that the darker colored is a rooster---because he started crowing about 6.5 weeks and hasn't stopped since :)
I keep trying to hold onto hope that my favorite chicken is a girl...but I have a feeling you all will tell me otherwise. LOL I think I hold out hope because the coloring of the feathers is lighter, the tail is not as long/curved and the comb is not as red and smaller wattles.... Can't blame me for hoping. If Ruby's a boy, she has to go....we do not want to hatch babies!
Yeah, I have that third one pegged as a Roo Easter Egger. I figured both Buff's were boys, but I like to hear what others think. Hate to get rid of them, but not looking for fertilized eggs either. :)
There is nothing wrong with fertilized eggs. They are still edible and taste no different. And babies should not start forming until the like 5 or 7th day of incubation. If a hen gets right back up and leaves after laying, then the eggs are fine, even if you have a broody hen and you collect eggs every 2 days, you will be fine.

ni would say hen for now because I see a cushion on her and her hackles are the same shade as her body, but I could be wrong, she has a lot of comb compared with the other.
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I just can't do the fertilized eggs. :( I'm just afraid I'd crack one open and there be a chick in it. LOL-- just the thought deters me from wanting a rooster. We really just preferred to have all hens.
Well, I have 2 roosters with a whole bunch of hens, never had that problem. Sounds like Chicklophobia lol. I promise that if you kept your roosters, you would never have that problem.
I purposefully breed most of my birds, and the rest are for eggs. All of the eggs 100% fertile... usually. Just had two little polish hatch yesterday. Sometimes I find the roosters prettier than the girls.

Have fun... best of luck!
Yep, both Roos. I can respect your decision not to eat fertilized eggs. I have many country neighbors who refuse to eat 'fresh' eggs period. The only way that you'd get a chick in one is if you let it sit under a broody hen for weeks. Not everyone wants a rooster. I like them because they do tend to protect the hens and help them find food.

Sorry about the roosters.
I'm not afeered of fertilized eggs myself, but I sure don't see why you'd keep an animal you neither wanted or needed. Not that you need our blessings or anything, of course.

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