Are Button quail legal in WV?

Sep 1, 2019
I am really looking into getting some quail, hoping to order adult button quail online, the only issue is.. Is it legal to own them in West Virginia? I was told I need a license especially if I will use using them for sales, but they will be for my own personal use. Advice would be great as I am surer confused looking around!
Welcome to BYC, hopefully someone from your area will know and answer, it can be quite confusing as each state varies their rules. Think most of them though make it confusing for small flock owners so they can try and make em revolving door atms.
Here you have to have permits/licenses for over so many birds, and if you have a flock of 300 birds even if it's combined of different ones you have to be npip certified which usually doesn't apply to small flocks for personal use. The one exception is if you want to ship eggs or chicks it is a requirement to do so.

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