Are Coturnix chicks always so noisy??

Discussion in 'Quail' started by Bleenie, Sep 28, 2012.

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    I hatched 4 Coturnix chicks and they are currently almost 1 day old. I just took them out of the bator late last night. They're running around eating & drinking and look healthy.(one does have bruised toes from trying to eat it's feet though!) One of the chicks(not the bruised one) is VERY Vocal. it will stand as tall as it can and just start squeaking like no tomorrow. it'll quiet down for a second when I tell it to hush but it's been doing it since I put them in the brooder.

    Any ideas what might be it's problem?

    I put "Mommy-Gator" the designated chick stuffy in the brooder with them but they prefer to climb into the long feeder to sleep... it has a very convient hole broke in the end so it's easy for them to get into it.
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    Sep 9, 2012
    Short answer: Yes, they are always that noisy.

    Slightly longer answer: It depends on the chick. Some are apparently just more vocal than others, but there's a good likelihood that a noisy chick will be a noisy adult. One of my buttons is a noisemaker and she always has been. Personally i find the sound pleasant but i can understand that not everyone would.
    Some people send their loudest birds to the cookpot, but if you aren't raising them for meat you could try to rehome your chatty chick. I hope you don't lose too much peace and quiet!

    As another thought, the chick could be calling for their parent. If you're the first thing they saw coming out of the incubator, it could be calling for you! Have you tried holding it to see if that calms it down?
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    I guess it's just a loud bird then. I've tried holding it and it wants nothing to do with all that. They're not scared of me at all but none want to be held. I tacked a couple towels up around the lighted end of the brooder so i could candle the other eggs last night (we only got 4 out of 2 dozen [​IMG] ) and that seemed to calm them down. The towels are red and I know Rose is a "happy" color for humans maybe it's the same for birds?

    They're in the bedroom so hopefully they will continue to stay quieter,I got almost no sleep the first night.
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    I have found that the upright loud ones tend to be males.....[​IMG]

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