Are guineas loud?


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Jan 28, 2009
I was thinking about getting some guineas but I live in the city and were wondering if they're loud
Yes very loud, they don't do good penned up, and they love to get in the road if you live close to one , so if you live in the city I wouldn't recommend getting any
SO Loud they drove me Nuts
never shout up
go get you some you'll love them
My neighbor got some & they come over to visit. Noisy! Noisy! My cat even ran them off. She don't like em either.

If you are hard of hearing (or better yet, deaf) and you HATE your neighbors, buy a flock of guineas and free range them. They are also good for breaking a lease on any property you may rent.
That is one of the reasons they make such excellent watch dogs...they are LOUD and quick to go off about anything coming onto their turf.
Oh my goodness loud! They are the loudest little birds. We have a small free range flock.

I think what was said about the neighbors was very funny!! Luckily we live on 10 acres and really far away from neighbors. That doesn't stop them from irritating me. When the UPS guy comes they just go haywire.

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