ARe guineas safe to be in trees during winter?


12 Years
Jun 18, 2008
I let my guineas sleep in the trees around our house at night, so far they have been doing great but there first winter is coming up here pretty soon and i want to make sure it is safe for them to be out in the cold in a tree like that.. or should i try to make them go into the coop? (i have tried that befor and it didnt work) Thanks!
winter or summer in the trees they are open to all predators, from owls to raccoons to possums they all love guineas in a tree. It might take a while but get them to go into a coop at night. try whatever they like to eat to coax them into a coop at night. do it every night because if not they will get taken one by one until they are finally all gone. It took only 5 months for my local predators to eradicate all 19 of my free range guineas. now they get locked up every night, no exceptions and no excuses.
Depends on what state you live in..if its cold like my state..i'd not leave them outside..
Not to mention the things that are gonna eat 'um..

But i know alot of people do keep them outside because they can be so wild and hard to catch..
Mine voluntarily came inside in October or November last year, as soon as we started getting freezing rain. Up until then I couldn't get them to go inside at all.
The only predator im worried about here is owls.. and i dont see them much. we do have a few racoons but i never really see them around the goat pen, because my dogs pen is right next to the goat and chicken pen.
I hope that they will soon learn to go inside the coop. Thanks!

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