Are my chickens male or female???????


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6 Years
Aug 4, 2013
I have two 10 week chickens.i was told that they where both hen but im not to sure. Can anyone help me??????? thanks :)

Hmm I think the second one might be a rooster but the top one looks like a hen. I have RIR (Rhode Island Red) hens and at 14 weeks they don't have that much comb. I'm clueless about the breed though. Maybe white leghorn for the top one...
Thankyou :) yer i have no idea what breed they are i got them from a hatchery and they where lovley but forgot to mention what they were giving me!!! hahaha
I got 3 but one unfortunately passed away :( I am not sure my parents got them for me so i wasn't there they just said a hatchery
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